Monday, 23 November 2009

When do they stop being Str8?

Four horny guys are hanging out one night. One of them pulls out a blow up doll he bought for a buddy's bachelor party. They blow it up and start sticking their fingers in the plastic of her mouth and between her legs. They drink more. One of them says he wants to fuck her mouth. He pulls out his dick and shoves it in the plastic dolls mouth while all his buddies laugh uproariously. The guy with his dick out plays it up more rubbing his dick all over the plastic face and finds himself getting very hard. Soon he's pumping wildly between the doll's legs while his buddies cheer him on. Another one pulls his hard dick out and fucks the doll's mouth while his friend is fucking her. All the guys strip off completely and take turns screwing the doll. Finally they are all naked and jerking off over the defeated sweat covered doll. Now, when do these guys stop being str8? Hmm.

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