Thursday, 10 November 2011

Beer, Fratboys and Fucking

They are things that go hand in hand in college dorm rooms: beer, fratboys and fucking. At FraternityX these dudes get drunk and make a hot bearded boy into their fucktoy stretching open his ass and using brewskies to lube him up. Party hardy!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

If you thought freshman calculus was rough try getting a cock in your ass...

Just picture him. Clean-cut young straight boy enters college and fraternity looking to make new friends. Naive, nervous and innocent. But the brothers of the frat house get him drunk on his first night and say if he wants acceptance he has to be the bumboy for the evening. They strip him off and fuck him. Not just one guy. Two guys jump in on the action shoving their hard dicks up his asshole and and in his mouth making the poor sweet straight boy howl. They make him deep throat their hard cocks and leave a big load of spunk on his sore hole. Now that's an entrance. That's what happens in the horny new video at!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Celebrating Cock Foreskin Southern Style

You know whenever I see a big cock with a long luscious foreskin my mouth waters. I just jerked off watching the video of Ethan from Fantastic Foreskin – who is practically a nudist. Whenever he gets a chance he strips off and struts around showing off his long hooded cock. Here he shows it off and uses a toy to show how men with foreskins pull them back when they have an erection and are going to fuck. I see too few guys with foreskins. Maybe I need to take a trip to Europe. :P

Monday, 10 October 2011

Straight guys naked fun at DickDorm

Sometimes I wonder what it is about straight guys that I find such a horny turn-on. I'm gay - no doubt about it. But straight guys who fuck around with other straight guys don't have to deal with all the relationship crap or emotional feelings that go along with screwing around because it's all just for fun. That's what turns me on so much about the videos at DickDorm where the college guys there are just experimenting. They aren't concerned with labels it's all just wild naked cock jerking fun! See what I mean?

Friday, 30 September 2011

Straight dudes get off in gang showers

At this gym at BathHouseBait straight guys shower off after a gym session and check each other out in the locker room. Washing off their hard young bodies they get horny so have a hot session of sucking and fucking each other. I love the idea of these hetero gets getting off together in gang showers and then going home to their girlfriends.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Jocks Cocks are Available for Sucking at the Gym

Man, I've got to get back into working out. Apparently this is what happens in locker rooms these days. Anyone had any action like this with rugby players? I could sure use a big fat JockCock to suck on about now.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Straight Men Taste Cock for the First Time in Bath House Bait

I've been going to bath houses ever since I was legally able to do so. What I find so horny about it is that some of these guys are obviously married straight guys who come here to indulge their gay desires. At the horny new site Bath House Bait they have real videos of straight dudes discovering gay sex for the first time. I love the build up in these videos of the prowl around the place and the gradual working up to full out cock sucking and fucking.

Straight Guys get down to sucking in the bathhouse

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Eat it! Dicksucking and fucking at HazeHim

Tender young male initiates want to make the grade and have to eat donuts off from their older frat brothers' dicks. It's a real party when the brothers make the college boys fuck each other for their entertainment. The new HazeHim video is really hot, dirty gay dorm sex from real fraternities.

Friday, 15 July 2011

What is it about Married Men that is so hot?

It's a bad habit I know, but I have a thing for married guys. When they are away from the wife it's so hot to get them along for a buddy jerk off session or sucking him off. The ultimate is when I get to rim a married dude and show him about the pleasure he can get from having his ass worked over - which of course his wife wouldn't go near in a zillion years.

I've really been getting off on the videos over at the site Phoenixxx. In these pics Tristan who has a really hot thuggish look about him has a fight with his wife. His buddy Alex suggests they try a little game he used to play in college. Jerking each other off turns into sucking. He takes Tristan's huge uncut dick like college was yesterday and shoots a massive load all over his chest. Hot stuff!

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