Friday, 15 July 2011

What is it about Married Men that is so hot?

It's a bad habit I know, but I have a thing for married guys. When they are away from the wife it's so hot to get them along for a buddy jerk off session or sucking him off. The ultimate is when I get to rim a married dude and show him about the pleasure he can get from having his ass worked over - which of course his wife wouldn't go near in a zillion years.

I've really been getting off on the videos over at the site Phoenixxx. In these pics Tristan who has a really hot thuggish look about him has a fight with his wife. His buddy Alex suggests they try a little game he used to play in college. Jerking each other off turns into sucking. He takes Tristan's huge uncut dick like college was yesterday and shoots a massive load all over his chest. Hot stuff!

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