Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Naked men at Nude Beach

How many of you have ever been to a nude beach? It's chilly and I've been thinking of flying off somewhere warm to laze in the sun. I've been to Spain a couple times and been on some semi-nude beaches. Man, it's distracting trying to read a book on the beach with big floppy cocks and balls everywhere you look. There's an exhibitionist thrill on being a nude beach and swimming around with other strange naked guys. Especially straight guys there with their girlfriends! I love reading about other's experiences so tell me about em if you have been to one.


Anonymous said...

Nude beaches are great and not just for dick spotting, but it feels so right and free to walk around naked. If the world was a better place then clothed beaches would be the taboo. I visited a nude beach in Croatia. It was great just to see people comfortable being naked, young and old, male and female, Full bush, shaved, cut, uncut, reading, swimming, bbq-ing...all nude. No one cared and they looked a lot happier than the tourists who were fumbling about with towels and hiding behind changing screens!

Wonderful attitude to have!

Steve said...

Gunnison Beach in New Jersey is a blast. It's under National Park Service jurisdiction and nudity is totally legal. Last time I went for a long walk down the beach, leaving everything - car keys, wallet, absolutely everything - back at my towel. It felt incredible to walk so far (more than a mile down and back I'd say) with just my naked self. The thought that I could come back and find my belongings gone was also a big thrill.

At times I grew hard, and I just kept walking normally, and the bouncing up and down got me even harder. Open sexual behavior is not allowed, but you definitely see guys in various states of hardness, and it doesn't usually raise any eyebrows since that's what happens in real life. I stopped a few times during my walk to watch the waves, one of the times while hard. Had a few casual conversations too.