Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hot for GayDailyHot

You know when you have twenty minutes left at work to compile an analysis report for your boss, but instead of working hard you find yourself sneakily opening a small browser in the corner of your screen to check your favorite dirty blog? That's what I did yesterday cause I was wondering what Jasun over at GayDailyHot was up to. This is a biker dude/porn producer of the hottest kind and his blog is one I check almost every day. His blog is filled with hot naked dudes and video diaries/behind the scene footage that he films himself. Plus he dishes out advice better than Oprah. In my mind, he's kinda like the cool older brother I never had - but I'm glad he's not really my brother because I also wanna fuck him. Be sure to check out GayDailyHot.

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