Friday, 7 May 2010

Str8 Man Special: Jon Saunders

So I didn't think I'd be able to find a hotter str8 guy than Neil here. But here's my new obsessions. His name is Jon and he's appeared recently on multiple websites. Here he is at FirstAuditions where he strips, has a full body exam include a closeup of his asshole and he jerks off. I believe he must be really str8 cause even tho he's been in multiple videos he's never touched another guy sexually. Given how hot he is I bet producers have offered him mucho cash to do this, but so far he hasn't.

He's also appeared at EnglishLads in a video stripping with another guy and in a new video where Jon explores his asshole!!!

Jon also made a very horny video at UK Naked Men where he and another guy jerk off while looking at each other. He's called Dave Duke in this video.

Watch the video at UK Naked Men here! Am I right or what? This guy is smoking!

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