Monday, 26 April 2010

Rugby buddies strip each other naked in public

On first watching this video I got very horny.
But it also made me feel a little sad because it's also incredibly romantic.
Here are two str8 rugby players stripping each other stark naked and dancing together in the middle of a bar with all their friends and strangers watching.

Look at their facial expressions and body language. There is no way they don't partly feel what they are doing. Yet the only way they can express their romantic/sexual feelings for each other is while totally wasted and performing a "joke" strip show with each other in public. I wonder what they thought about this experience when lying in bed alone or with their gfs later that night.

Watch the amazing video below! By the way, the one with face fur totally gives me wood.


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scrumrob said...

Some serious quantities of alcoholic refreshment occurred at this event. Woof. Gotta love ruggers.