Thursday, 3 December 2009

Boyish Corey's Ass Plundering

In the new CMNM series at First Auditions, Corey is a tender young freckled boy who has never been touched sexually by a man before. As soon as he walked through the door the pervy men’s dicks were standing up in their pants and they couldn’t wait to get our hands all over him. When young guys become embarrassed they go very quiet and grin like madmen. Corey is a classic case. Alarmed and scared by the men’s aggressive sexual attention to his slim boyish body, he can barely answer their questions and trembles as they invasively grope him.

The clothed men inspect every crevice of the naked boy and give him a thorough lesson in how to display his body for other men. Bent over on the floor with his ass pointed in the air he’s primed for being fucked. The pervy guys experienced a thrill of total empowerment as they stayed fully clothed while this straight boy was naked at their feet.

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