Sunday, 8 August 2010

Naked frats as dirty party entertainment

I've always fantasized about having a big party where there are hot guys fucking as part of the entertainment. HazeHim have a horny new video where the frat pledges have to strip naked, suck dick and fuck while the older college guys watch while drinking and laughing. You can see the video at
Lucky young college dude has to crawl between the naked thighs of his fellow frat pledges. Can you imagine crawling under this bridge of hanging balls and dicks?

Frats ordered to jerk each other while college dudes snicker and order them to jerk off.

"Suck that cock!" the fraternity dudes yell while the sexy young college guys bow their heads in shame.
Frat pledges forced to do gay acts under the older college guys orders.
That's a big one! Naked college boy gasps as he takes a big stiff cock for the first time and his big straight frat brothers shout for him to take it. Hot new video is on

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